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    Valentinská 11/56

    110 00 Praha

    Staré Město, Praha 1


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    • Fotka Megan K.
      Megan K.
      Boca Raton, Spojené státy
      30. 12. 2023

      Great place for brunch! We ordered the open-faced chicken sandwich, the ham and cheese sandwich, the blueberry pancakes, and the pumpkin soup. All were delicious!!

      Service was also great. Make sure to make reservations on the weekends.

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    • Fotka Paul H.
      Paul H.
      Mankato, Spojené státy
      19. 12. 2022

      We were surprised when they asked us if we had a reservation as this seemed like just another small cafe on a city street. They were able to seat us and we're glad they did. The service was good. But the double fried egg with avocado sandwich on a homemade bun was to die for. The coffee and hot chocolate were very good too. Obviously this place is worth making a reservation for!

      Double fried egg sandwich
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    • Fotka Zita C.
      Zita C.
      Fort Lauderdale, Spojené státy
      20. 11. 2018

      Stopped in for a quick lunch with the friends while touring around the Old town area. Cute hipster cafe with a handful of outside tables, a pretty spacious minimalistic dining room which extends to a lovely smaller foliage-covered room towards the back - this section was a little more intimate.

      The cafe offers breakfast, and the lunch menu changes daily - a combination of classic Czech and modern European dishes. I ordered a mimosa and risotto - two of my fave foodie things. Alas, I was disappointed with both. Apart from my waitress looking very confused when I ordered it (it's on the menu), the juice in the mimosa had an odd taste and there wasn't enough Prosecco. The risotto didn't look like any risotto I had seen before. It had a dark brown coloring and again the flavors were odd.

      To note: they have an extensive wine, cocktail, and dessert menu. And also a wide selection of hot beverages.

      With all the other amazing food choices around, I'd probably skip this one in the future.

      Mimosa ...
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    • Fotka Haley J.
      Haley J.
      Chapel Hill, Spojené státy
      12. 6. 2022

      Stumbled across this spot and so glad we did. They have super refreshing lemonades & beverages along with a wide variety of foods. Everything we had was delish, would highly recommend

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    • Fotka Kathleen D.
      Kathleen D.
      Richmond, Spojené státy
      5. 12. 2016

      Mistral Cafe is a nice modern eatery in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. It's very close to the synagogues and Old Town Square, which makes it a great option if you're sightseeing.

      I visited twice in the last month -- for lunch with a party of four and as my final dinner in Prague the night before my roommate and I flew back to the States. [Sniff. Too soon.]

      My first meal was just okay. I ordered a flat white, sparkling water, a detox smoothie, pumpkin soup, and a caesar salad. My coffee was alright but the detox smoothie stole the show. I'd dare say that smoothie was way better than even the soup! Other friends really love their soup but I found it too thin and heavy on the ginger. The salad dressing was too fishy for me.

      But! I gave them a second try and am so glad I did. For dinner, I ordered the pasta carbonara. It was so good, I'd have to say it was better than any carbonara I've ever had in Italy! I'd highly recommend it.

      I also had their mulled cider, which was nice on a cold night after wandering the Christmas markets.

      Despite some hiccups, I'd have to say I am a fan of Mistral Cafe. It's a quality spot!

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    • Fotka Rahul B.
      Rahul B.
      Santa Cruz, Spojené státy
      10. 5. 2018


      My girlfriend and I came here 3 times in 3 days. Once for breakfast, once for lunch, and once for dinner. Every time, we were impressed with the quality of food, service, the great prices, and the amazing ambiance.

      We tried the sviečková, the chicken schnitzel, the chicken burger, the eggplant wrap, the eggs benedict, and the pancakes. All of it was out of this world good! No matter what you choose on the menu, you'll be happy with it. We are so happy we happened upon Mistral, because we hadn't seen it recommended anywhere. You must visit during your visit to Prague!

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    • Fotka Kelsey D.
      Kelsey D.
      Chicago, Spojené státy
      20. 9. 2017

      The only reason I can't give this a 5 star review was just because the eggs in the Benedict were cooked hard, and I'm not sure if that's a cultural difference or not. A Benedict usually has a very nice medium egg so that the yolk mingles with the hollandaise sauce. It's a much different experience when the yolk is sold. The house made cream cheese spread with salmon was absolutely incredible. I'd eat everyday if I could.
      Our server was wonderful. I felt bad because my boyfriend and I hade our luggage with us, but the server gave us a spot by the window that had a perfect nook to set our luggage so we weren't in anyone's way.
      Also I haven't seen a bad bathroom so far in Europe but this one was by far the cleanest one I've seen

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    • Fotka Anne L.
      Anne L.
      NY, Spojené státy
      2. 6. 2022

      My two friends and I had just arrived in Prague when we stumbled across this gem! The second we got inside we automatically loved the vibes. It has an incredible atmosphere. Looking at the menu, we loved the sandwich options and were also quite happy to see a variety of drinks! I ordered the avocado sandwich with a raspberry lemonade, and I thought it was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend the place. The people were nice too! A great breakfast, brunch, or lunch spot!

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    • Fotka Kaye M.
      Kaye M.
      San Francisco Bay Area, Spojené státy
      9. 9. 2017

      This is one of the more expensive cafés in Prague. The interior is beautifully decorated. The ambiance and service were great.

      Unfortunately the food was lackluster. We got sparkling water, tomato soup, salmon cream cheese toast, and strawberry custard cake. The soup was much too salty, salmon cream cheese toast was fresh but nothing special, the cake's bottom crust was raw.

      Tomato soup and strawberry cake
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    • Fotka Priscilla Y.
      Priscilla Y.
      Gaithersburg, Spojené státy
      26. 11. 2014

      A really classy cafe recommended by a local. Great ambiance and pretty good, inexpensive food.

      My friend ordered the Tafelspitz, which is slow cooked beef with mashed potatoes. The beef was kind of dry and tough to eat. The mashed potatoes were really creamy and delicious!

      I ordered the Grilled Salmon with baked potatoes and sautéed spinach. It's simple, but was still really good. The salmon and potatoes were cooked to perfection. The spinach was an addition to the meal and I only got it because they highly recommended it. It was too salty.

      *It's a non-smoking restaurant! :)

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